Suggested Onboard Settings


There are a number of settings available for adjustment to get the best results out of your camera. Instructions on the Advanced Settings can be found in the support section of this website.

On Car/Motorcyle/Outside

Usually no change is required for this and the default setting should work fine.  However for faster moving/high speed action footage a higher frame rate usually delivers better results and smoother playback.  In this instance 720 at 60fps (50fps PAL) is preferred.


In Car Recording

The main change is for when the cameras are mounted in the car facing out through the front window.  As the camera is set back there are usually differing light sources that when on the default exposure setting cause what is seen out through the front window to be over exposed.  To set up the camera for the best results the Replay XD Cameras have the Auto Exposure Setting (AE in the text file) set to Spot.  Then when in the car point the camera out the front windscreen so that the centre of the image is the window that your are trying to look through of the vehicle and you will get a great image of the road ahead.

In the 1080 Mini you change the number next to AE: to 2.


Once you have done this, as per the Advanced Settings you need to change the UPDATE field from N to Y.  Save the file back to the card, insert the card into the camera and then power up the camera and it will write the new settings to the camera.  It will also change the Y in the UPDATE field back to a N.


External Vehicle use - Wind Noise

In relation to external vehicle use for the Replay XD1080 Mini is to use the windbreaker stickers over the mic holes in the base of the camera to reduce wind noise.