Advanced Settings for Mini


Note: This is for advanced users. Please use caution and always make a test recording before you record your adventures.

Your Replay XD1080 features robust basic mode and setting changes directly from the camera, but sometimes you may need just a little more fine tuning options to get that perfect shot. The Replay XD1080 features a setting file that is saved to your SD card. This file is an editable text file that you can modify in any plain text editor such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac. Simply follow these steps and you’ll have your Replay XD1080 adjusted in no-time.

  1. Remove rear protective cap and use option (1) or option (2).
  2. Option (1): Take the microSDHC out of the Replay XD1080 and use a SDHC compatible card reader to transfer your files to your computer.
  3. Option (2): Connect the supplied mini USB cable into the Replay XD1080 USB port.
  4. Plug the USB cable into a PC/Mac USB 2.0 port.
  5. Press and hold the FPS button and Power On your Replay XD1080.
  6. On a PC/Mac your Replay XD will mount to your computer as a mass storage device.
  7. On the root directory of your SD card you will find a text file called: XD1080.txt, double click the file and it should open in your default text editor, Notepad or TextEdit
    (WARNING: Do not use Microsoft Word to edit your text file. Your text editor must be set to plain text only.)


  1. You’re now ready to adjust your advanced settings.

Adjust you text file:

  1. You must change Update to (Y) for Yes, UPDATE: Y
  2. Under FORMAT, you can change the parameters using the references below the dotted line ----------------- The parameters in parenthesis ( ) are used for replacing the settings above, after the colon : . See text file sample below.


  1. Once you’ve made the desired changes, simply save your file. On a PC choose File –> Save, On a Mac choose File –> Save.
  2. You can now Eject your SD card or Replay XD1080 from your PC/Mac. (When finished always Eject device from PC/Mac)
  3. If you changed the settings from a USB SD card reader, insert your SD card into your Replay XD1080
  4. Press the Power On button and wait for it to boot up.
  5. Now press the Record/Stop button. The camera will automatically read the text file and change the advanced parameters in the camera.
  6. You can now press and hold the Record/Stop button to stop recording.
  7. Your Replay XD is now ready to record with your new settings.

NOTE: It is recommended to always make setting changes in one or two step increments.

Always make a test recording before you record your adventures. You don’t want to have any unexpected results from not checking your parameter changes. If you don’t like the settings you have made you can always go back to the default settings. Simply go to Adjust your text file: Step 1 again and change the UPDATE: N to UPDATE: D for default. This will default the Replay XD to factory settings.